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Babies Come Home


Performances & work in progress presentations:

Schwankhalle Bremen (11/12 June 2016, premiere), State of the Art Hildesheim (16 October 2015), LOT Braunschweig (12/13 June 2015) & University of Hildesheim (22/23 November 2014)
Next dates: ahead. February 24/25, 2017 in the Hanover Pavilion

“The seven-person collective actually brings the 'dissolution of the autonomous subject' onto the stage that evening. Without hocus-pocus, with an oppressive effect. An illuminating staging. "(Maximilian Balzer, Hildesheimer Allgemeine Zeitung)

... a forest, a shrine in a children's room, a karaoke bar, a sauna, an undefined area: in BABIES COME HOME, familiar memories meet with little visions of strange futures. The result is a place without a fixed address, with fine music, pleasant light and friendly people who wave the audience in with a smile. When the theater evening begins, the process is already set: an open script guides the group, which has come together in the theater room, through the protocol of their encounter until the friendly people disappear and the maternal darkness spreads over the heads of those present.

Based on the debate about the value of care work such as care and collective care, the theater collective in BABIES COME HOME is transforming the stage into a place where relationships are cultivated and where one's sovereignty has to be surrendered like a jacket at the entrance.

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