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Links to own work:

Life in the village ?! | Micha Kranixfeld & Felix Worpenberg (TED talk at TEDxTuebingen):

A piece of Eythra (performance by SYNDIAKT DANGEROUS LOVES):

Links to partners / collaborators:



Felix was born in North Rhine-Westphalia in the 1980s and grew up near a small town in Lower Saxony. He studied cultural studies and aesthetic practice at the University of Hildesheim and has been working in the performing arts since graduating in 2016.

Felix prefers to work in collective work contexts and at the interfaces between theory and practice. As a member of DIE SOCIALE FIKTION, he has been realizing theater performances since 2013. Since 2017 he has also been part of SYNDIAKT GEFÄHRLICHE LIEBSCHAFTEN and in this context carries out work in rural areas, including in Seefeld (Lower Saxony) and Leipzig (Saxony). With Micha Kranixeld and Susanne Schuster he was in 2017 as part of “TRAFO - Models for Culture in Transition” for an artistic research stay under the title “In Disappearance It Appears” in the community of Engstingen.

Felix also works for other artists: in the field of production, for example for MIRIAM CORETTA SCHULTE from Basel or DIE FRÄULEIN WUNDER AG. In 2015 Felix was co-organizer of "transeuropa2015 - European festival for performative arts" in Hildesheim. He is currently the project manager for the "Performing Arts Academy" at flausen + BANDEN! Festivals 2021 in Oldenburg.

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