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A performance between ghost story, stage essay and Tableau Vivant



Theater workshop Pilkentafel Flensburg

theater wrede + Oldenburg

flausen + BANDEN Festival Oldenburg

Hart am Wind Festival Braunschweig

LOFFT - The Leipzig Theater

A production by DIE SOCIALE FIKTION & friends
Concept, text & performance: Marten Flegel, Anna Froelicher, Charlotte Lauber, Felix Worpenberg Stage & technical direction: Manuel Melzer Video: Kristina Dreit, Felix Röben Dramaturgy & production assistance: Tobias Malcharzik Sound collaboration: Annika Lock Stage collaboration: Ömer Bayram Research: Laura Bleck, Adele Mike Dittrich Frydetzki Graphic poster: Niklaus Bein Documentation: Charlotte Grief


Funded by: MWK Lower Saxony, Lower Saxony Foundation, Technical Committee Dance & Theater BS / BL, Friedrich Weinhagen Foundation Coproduction with: Theater ROXY Birsfelden With the support of: flausen + young artists in residence, Schwankhalle Bremen, Residenz Schauspiel Leipzig, Gessnerallee Zurich, Theaterhaus Hildesheim & Kulturfabrik Löseke.

They stand there in poses frozen for eternity: a sporty man pushing a stroller, a woman hurrying past with a coffee-to-go mug, a young couple with sunglasses in their hair. They are carefree mini-people who look very similar to us. Their home are the architectural models of buildings that have not yet been realized; in the urban space they wave at us from the billboard walls. They tell of the clean and safe life in the near future. Nobody is drunk, nobody has too many children, nobody has to go to the hairdresser again.

RENDER GHOSTS is a theater performance about a generation that knows nothing but everyday life in late capitalism. It shows the image of a society frozen in fear beneath its smooth surface. But fear of what? Before that seeming normalcy has long since become a state of emergency? Or that the wishes for the future are limited to the four walls of a new apartment?

Based on their own biographies, personal feelings and a close observation of our contemporary society, four performers deal with the mini-people of the architectural models. The combination of videos from newly built districts and the fragile live presence of the four actors on stage creates an atmospherically dense theater space that picks up on the eeriness of the architectural models and lets them be sensually experienced.

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