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Bâtard Festival, Beursschouwburg Brussels (December 2015)
Roxy Birsfelden, Treibstoff Theatertage Basel (September 2-5, 2015, premiere)

Welcome. Today's imagination is about boulders, i.e. large blocks of rock that were scattered on the surface of the earth by glaciers during the last ice age. In the performance we have to imagine things that are actually inconceivable. It will not always be very clear what time we are actually in. Whether in a distant future or in a past we cannot remember. One minute could feel like a thousand shifts.

On the subject: Anthropocene
The background to the work is the thesis of the Anthropocene: What if humans themselves become a force of nature, or what we have previously understood as nature is made with humans? From this perspective, the Anthropocene describes that section in the history of the earth in which humans become the driving geological force and nature and culture can no longer be clearly separated from one another.

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